Past Fellows

2017 Predoctoral Fellows

Columbia University

Caroline F. Marris, History

Cornell University

Sean Cosgrove, History

Indiana University Bloomington

Kristin Otto, Anthropology

Marquette University

Margaret Nettesheim Hoffmann, History

Northwestern University

Rachel Mihuta Grimm, French and Francophone Studies

Princeton University

Melissa Verhey, French Studies

Purdue University

Brian Alberts, History

Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Lance C. Thurner, History

University of California, Santa Barbara

David G. McIntosh, History

University of California, Santa Cruz

Aaron A. Aruck, History

The University of Chicago

Nadia Chana, Ethnomusicology

University of Connecticut

Winifred Maloney, History

University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Boeun Billie Lee, American Studies

University of Illinois at Chicago

Emily Lacy, Philosophy

University of Iowa

Nikolaos Maggos, Philosophy

University of Kansas

Marilyn Ortega, American Studies

University of Maryland

Morgan Hess, Communication

University of Miami

Jennifer Garcon, History

University of Michigan

Megan Berkobien, Comparative Literature with Certificate in Museum Studies

University of Minnesota

Patrick Wilz, History

University of Missouri–Kansas City

Matthew Reeves, History

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Christy Hyman, History

University of Notre Dame

Natalie Carroll Sargent, History (United States)

The University of Texas at Austin

Traci-Ann Wint, African and African Diaspora Studies

University of Washington

Timothy Emmanuel Brown, Philosophy

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kathleen Schaag, English Literature

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Yuko Nakamura, Architecture (Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures)

Vanderbilt University

Emma Banks, Anthropology

Washington University in St. Louis

Ena Selimovic, Comparative Literature

Western Michigan University

Rebecca Straple, English

2016 Predoctoral Fellows

Indiana University Bloomington

A.M.M. Betsy Jose, Gender Studies
Douglas Peach, Folklore and Ethnomusicology

Michigan State University

Jennifer Gohlke, German Studies
Sophia Pavlos, Philosophy

Northwestern University

Margaret Lebron, Performance Studies
Justin Zullo, Performance Studies

Ohio State University

Elizabeth Newton, History
Kelly Taylor, Classics

Pennsylvania State University

Courtney Rong Fu, History and Asian Studies
Abigail Kahn, Applied Linguistics

Purdue University

Kadari Taylor-Watson, American Studies
Katie Whitmore, Anthropology

University of Chicago

Hannah Brooks-Motl, English Language and Literature
Ilana Miller, History

University of Illinois at Chicago

Tetyana Dzyadevych, Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures
Alyssa Greenberg, Art History

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

John Moore, English
Sara Thiel, Theatre

University of Iowa

Anu Thapa, Cinematic Arts
Angela Toscano, English

University of Michigan

Amanda Healy, English and Women’s Studies
Jallicia Jolly, American Culture

University of Minnesota

Rose Miron, American Studies
Evan Taparata, History

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Linda Garcia-Merchant, Latina Literature, Film, and DH
Alicia Herraiz-Gutierrez, Modern Languages and Literatures

University of Notre Dame

Michael Skaggs, History
Courtney Smotherman, Literature

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Adam Mandelman, Geography
Megan Marsh-McGlone, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies

2015 Predoctoral Fellows

Indiana University Bloomington

Kristin Francoeur, Religious Studies

Michigan State University

Anne von Petersdorff-Campen, German Studies
Rebecca Hayes, Rhetoric and Writing

Northwestern University

Kantara Souffrant, Performance Studies
Ira Murfin, Theatre and Drama

Ohio State University

Leticia Wiggins, History
Liseli Fitzpatrick, African American and African Studies

Pennsylvania State University

Aminah Hasan, Philosophy
Desiree Valentine, Philosophy and Women’s Studies

Purdue University

Matthew Schownir, History
Amy Elliot, English

University of Chicago

Bill Hutchison, English Language and Literature
Antje Postema, Slavic Languages and Literatures

University of Illinois at Chicago

Kei Hotoda, Philosophy
Tyler Miller, History

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rebecah Pulsifer, English
Melissa Seifert, Art History

University of Iowa

Noaquia Callahan, History
Erica Damman, Environmental Humanities

University of Michigan

Meghan Forbes, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hannah McMurray, Germanic Languages and Literatures

University of Minnesota

Robert Smith III, American Studies
Sarah Atwood, American Studies

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Janel Cayer, English
Brian Sarnacki, History

University of Notre Dame

Maria Giulia Genghini, Literature
Monica Bykowski, History

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Jaime Vargas Luna, Spanish and Portuguese
Marcus Cederström, Scandinavian Studies and Folklore


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